Discover Ultimate Relaxation in Cotswold Lodges with Hot Tubs

Unwind in Comfort: Lodges with Hot Tubs in the Cotswolds

We offer a unique set of lodges with hot tubs in a beautiful natural environment which can only be booked through Cotswold Water Park Retreats. These lodges are great for anyone looking for both fun and relaxation. Each lodge offers stunning views and a private spot where you can enjoy comfort and nature. This makes it the perfect place for anyone looking to escape the daily hustle and bustle.

A Place of Calm and Comfort

Enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience as you soak in the warm, bubbling waters of your private hot tub. Here, privacy, comfort, and a deep connection to nature come together. Moreover, these moments transform into cherished memories.

Think of our lodges as more than just a place to sleep – they’re your own peaceful retreat.

Sink into the comfort of your own hot tub, let the warm water soothe your muscles, and feel your stress melt away. Our breaks are all about giving you a serene escape where every moment focuses on your well-being. Our lodges are great for rejuvenation. You can relax after a day of adventures or find a quiet spot to clear your mind.

Simple Luxury in the Wilderness: Cotswold Accommodation with Hot Tubs

Our lodges with hot tubs redefine comfort with their stylish interiors and top amenities. Whether you’re after a small, romantic spot or a large place for family fun, you’ll find the perfect spot to chill under the stars. Plus, the hot tubs, placed in quiet spots with great views, turn into your own private retreat in nature.

Explore, Connect, and Refresh: Cotswolds Lodges with Hot Tubs

Around our lodges, a plentiful supply of activities beckons you to explore and reconnect with yourself and loved ones. Dive into the beauty of nature by hiking and biking, visit charming local towns, or try exciting watersports.

Looking for fun things to do during your stay? We’ve got loads of activities lined up at Cotswold Water Park, all tailored to make sure you have a great time.

Whether you’re into water sports, biking, or just enjoying the great outdoors, there’s something here for everyone. You can pick what fits your mood and interests the best.

Nature’s Bounty: Experiencing the Local Flora and Fauna

The Cotswolds are renowned for their natural diversity. Our lodges are ideally positioned to offer guests a front-row seat to the region’s natural splendors. Early morning is especially magical, as the mist rises off the lakes and the wildlife begins to stir. Guests might spot anything from graceful herons to playful otters during their stay.

Culinary Delights: Savour the Local Cuisine

Your stay isn’t complete without tasting the local food. Our lodges are near some great places to eat in the Cotswolds, from casual pubs to upscale restaurants. We believe we have some of the best eateries within walking distance including the Waterside Kitchen, Ashas Indian restaurant and the brasserie on Spring Lake. Also, many guests enjoy making their own meals in our well-equipped kitchens, using fresh ingredients from local markets. Or better still check out our recommendations for locals chefs and get somebody else to cook it for you (and do the washing up after!)

Your Tailored Escape Awaits

Choose from our lovely lodges across the Cotswold Lakes for your next holiday. Each one offers a special retreat into nature, where you can relax and have fun. Plus, for tips on picking the right lodge or making the most of your hot tub, visit our experiences page.

Start Your Relaxation Journey

Are you ready for a relaxing break? In our luxury lodges with hot tubs, every minute helps you unwind and enjoy memorable moments. You’ll leave all your stress behind and come back feeling refreshed and ready to go again.

Our lodges offer everything you need for a perfect getaway. Enjoy stunning views, comfy settings, and the soothing warmth of your own hot tub. Don’t miss out—your ideal holiday spot is just a click away.