Foxes Den In the Country

What this place offers

43 inch TVs in all Bedrooms with Sky HD Cinema and Sport in all bedrooms
An open space on the property usually covered in grass
BBQ grill
Coffee maker: Nespresso, pour-over coffee
Hair dryer
Hot water
Outdoor dining area
Outdoor furniture

Discover the Enchantment of ‘Foxes Den’ – A Glamping Haven

Immerse yourself in the allure of Cotswolds glamping with a stay at ‘Foxes Den,’ our enchanting glamping pod that embodies the cunning and elegance of its namesake. This luxurious retreat, nestled in the serene landscapes of Upper Minety, offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern comfort, inspired by the clever and adaptable nature of the fox.

‘Foxes Den’ welcomes you to a world where sophistication meets wilderness. The interior exudes a chic yet homely ambiance, mirroring the fox’s reputation for being both elegant and home-loving. With sumptuous furnishings, contemporary amenities, and a palette that reflects the warm hues of a fox’s coat, every element in ‘Foxes Den’ is curated to provide an experience of indulgence and tranquility.

Full Description

Echoing the fox’s commitment to its environment, ‘Foxes Den’ is built with a deep respect for nature. Utilizing sustainable practices and materials, this pod not only offers a luxurious stay but also ensures a minimal ecological footprint. It’s a haven for those who seek to indulge responsibly, surrounded by the beauty of the Cotswolds.

Privacy and seclusion are at the heart of the ‘Foxes Den’ experience. Positioned in a secluded part of our glamping site, it offers a peaceful escape, much like the secret dens foxes retreat to. Here, you can disconnect from the world and relish in the calm and quiet of your surroundings.

For nature lovers, ‘Foxes Den’ is a treasure trove of wildlife encounters. Its location amidst the vibrant natural habitat of the Cotswolds provides opportunities for spotting local wildlife, including the chance to catch a glimpse of foxes in their natural setting.

As night descends, ‘Foxes Den’ transforms into a star-gazer’s paradise. The clear skies and minimal light pollution create an ideal backdrop for observing the stars, reminiscent of the clear, nocturnal views a fox might enjoy.

‘Foxes Den’ is not just a place to stay; it’s a gateway to exploration and adventure. Inspired by the fox’s curious and exploratory nature, this pod encourages you to venture out and discover the Cotswolds’ hidden nooks, scenic beauty, and quaint village charm.

‘Foxes Den’ is a fusion of luxury and nature, an invitation to experience glamping in a way that’s both lavish and harmonious with the environment. It’s a journey into the heart of the countryside, wrapped in comfort and elegance, waiting to be discovered.

Our favourite things to do

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Lakeside Ski and Wake

Lakeside Ski and Wake has been one of our consistently favourite places since we first started coming to the area. It has a bit of everything its a sports bar showing most of the big events on large screens It has skiing and wakeboarding plus inflatables Excellent bar and friendly staff Always serves a great breakfast! popular with locals option for inside or outside dining A lot of our guests finish their holidays here with a big breakfast before hitting the road or alternatively if you get their a little early then a late lunch helps pass the time before check in!  

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Welcome to Cirencester, often referred to as the “Capital of the Cotswolds”. This charming market town is steeped in history, with roots reaching back to Roman times, earning it the title of the second largest town in Britain during that era. As you wander through Cirencester, you’re walking on layers of history. One of the highlights is the Corinium Museum, home to an impressive collection of Roman artefacts. Here, you can immerse yourself in the region’s past, exploring exhibits that tell tales of Roman life, the town’s agricultural roots, and its growth through the centuries. Stroll through the town centre and marvel at the grandeur of the Church of St. John the Baptist, standing tall since the 15th century. With its imposing tower, intricately carved stonework and beautiful stained glass, it’s a marvel of medieval architecture. In the heart of the town, you’ll find the Market Place. On Mondays and Fridays, the square is bustling with local vendors selling a variety of goods, from fresh produce to local crafts. It’s a vibrant scene that encapsulates the spirit of Cirencester. Lastly, don’t miss the Abbey Grounds, a beautifully landscaped park adjacent to the site of a former Augustinian abbey. It’s a perfect spot to unwind, with the pretty River Churn flowing through. Cirencester offers a delightful blend of history, charm, and Cotswold character – truly a place where the past and present meet. Experience it and let Cirencester charm you as it has so many before.

Get lunch at ....

Food Made By Bob

Bob’s culinary career began with his training at Bibendum in London, before moving to Michelin starred The Fulham Road, working alongside Steven Bull and then onto Fables, Che in St James’ and The Ladbroke Arms in Notting Hill. Following this, Bob worked with David Thompson at Nahm at the Halkin Hotel; the first Michelin star Thai restaurant in the world. Swapping London for the Cotswolds in 2004, Bob took on the position of head chef at The Swan at Southrop, before assuming the same role at The Village Pub in Barnsley & Barnsley House. In 2008, Bob opened his renowned Cirencester restaurant and deli ‘Made by Bob’ and ran this award-winning eatery for 10 years before taking on a consulting role in 2019.

House Rules

We try not to impose too many rules for our guests – we are pet friendly and welcome a well behaved companion along with you otherwise we really understand your enjoyment is not as great as it can be.

We know that your pets will climb on the furniture so we do provide throws to put on the furniture so please use them. We also prefer your pet not to be left unattended in the lodge unless he/she will happily sit in a cage until you come back without disturbing your neighbours.

We are a no smoking – our preference is that the site is smoke free but we do provide outdoor ashtrays – we would be grateful if you clean up before you depart and get rid of the ashtray contents.

There are a few communal areas for your enjoyment including a laundry area as well as a fire pit and pizza over – we will add to this in the future but please keep the area clean and tidy for our other guests.

We are a quiet site in the middle of the Cotswold countryside so we are grateful for your support in keeping light and noise pollution as low as possible.

Total: £1200

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1 month ago

A wonderful and cozy place, a nice spacious house and a view of the lake from the hot tub and the upper balcony - something wonderful. easy operation of the heating system and the entire house in general. A large number of kitchen items and, above all, board games which I did not expect there.


1 month ago

Stayed for my birthday weekend with family and friends and my dog. Great location with beautiful surroundings. House was perfect for what we wanted and a lovely chocolate cake awaited. We enjoyed the games provided to.
I would certainly recommend this property and may return in the future.


1 month ago

Amazing house! Lovely weekend stay for 5 uni friends. Lots of do but as it was winter time we took advantage of the hot tub and chilled out inside. Lovely walk on the Saturday with a lovely local pub close by.
The lake is gated and has residence on as well as rentals.
Would 100% come back.