Maximum Flexibility for Owners and Guests

Uniquely we offer 7 day checking in and checking out of properties and have a full team working 7 days a week including availability for call out - all included in our fees. We do not charge extra for weekend changeovers either!

Tailored Service

All of the properties in Cotswold Water Park Retreats are unique in their own way and all of our owners have different needs and requirements. We can offer everything from a complete end to end service through to just marketing, cleaning or laundry.


We actively market owners properties through our social media channels and have now one of the largest followings of any holiday home rental company in The Cotswolds and we promise we will only get bigger!

Flexible arrangements

We don't mind how many weeks you want your property to be available for bookings or how much you want to use it yourself. We will give you direct access to our booking platform so you can book out your own time as you wish and also see the future bookings for your lodge.

Transparent Costs

We are happy to discuss our costs with each element broken down. Our costs include many extras such as professional photography including 3D, video, digital guides, floor plans and our own in-house expertise on search engine optimisation (SEO) to maximise direct bookings, including overseas. We have invested heavily in technology to ensure that we have global reach for our advertising

Local Focus

The South Cotswolds is our community, we pride ourselves on our intimate understanding of its heartbeat. This unique insight allows us to not just market your holiday property, but to tell its story in the rich tapestry of our local narrative. We promote local businesses and events in the area to help generate those holiday memories for our guests.

We Care

To us, your property is more than just a listing or a business opportunity; it's a testament to the region's beauty and potential. We’re invested in its success, approaching its marketing with the same care and enthusiasm as if it were our own. We aim to ensure that every guest leaves with cherished memories, wanting to return, and our dedication drives that mission.

Talk to Us (and our other owners)

We know that we are making a pitch here but please talk to us and we believe that you will understand our passion and ambition for your property. Also check us out on social media and we are sure you will find us a valuable partner in your home letting venture.

Cotswold Water Park Retreat Property Management

Flexible Packages from Cotswold Water Park Retreats

Let With Us

Ready for us to support you?

Partner with Cotswold Water Park Retreats for Premier Property Management

Cotswold Water Park Retreats invites property owners to join our growing portfolio and experience unparalleled property management services. With our deep understanding of both the local area and the holiday rental business, we are the ideal partner to help you maximize your property’s potential.

Over the past three years, we have doubled our portfolio of properties, bookings, and increased the average nightly rate annually. This rapid growth is a testament to our agile, flexible, and ambitious approach to property management. Our success is built on a foundation of delivering consistent and significant increases in occupancy and bookings for our owners, resulting in greater income and profitability.

We offer a comprehensive suite of property management services designed to meet the unique needs of each property owner. Our services include:

  • Laundry Services: Professional laundry and linen hire to ensure your property is always guest-ready.
  • House Cleaning: Reliable and thorough cleaning services to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.
  • Window Cleaning: Keeping your property looking pristine with regular window cleaning.
  • Hot Tub Management: Ensuring your hot tub is always in perfect condition for guest use.
  • Home Maintenance: From minor repairs to major upkeep, our team handles it all.

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor these services to meet the specific requirements of each owner, providing a bespoke property management solution.

At Cotswold Water Park Retreats, we value the relationships we build with our property owners. We see each of our property owners as partners and work proactively to reduce the time and stress involved in managing a holiday home. Our friendly and attentive staff are dedicated to ensuring your property is well-maintained and your guests are happy.

Our local knowledge and presence in the Cotswold Water Park area give us a distinct advantage. We understand the unique appeal of the region and know how to market your property effectively to attract more bookings. Our marketing efforts include promoting your property on our website, social media channels, and leading third-party booking portals, ensuring maximum visibility.

Join Us Today

We are excited about the possibility of partnering with you and helping you achieve the full potential of your property. With our proven track record, comprehensive services, and strong local expertise, Cotswold Water Park Retreats is the perfect choice for property owners looking to maximize their rental income.

Why Let with Cotswold Water Park Retreats?

Experience Unmatched Flexibility and Professional Management

Unparalleled Flexibility

At Cotswold Water Park Retreats, we understand the importance of flexibility for both our property owners and guests. That’s why we offer unique check-in and check-out options 7 days a week, without any extra charges for weekend changeovers. This flexibility sets us apart, making your property more attractive to guests who seek convenience and freedom in their holiday planning.

Tailored Services for Every Need

Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each property owner, whether you require a light touch or comprehensive end-to-end management. We provide a full suite of services, from marketing and guest communications to cleaning and maintenance, ensuring your property is always in top condition.

Expertise in Luxury Holiday Rentals

With years of experience managing holiday properties in the Cotswold Water Park area, we have developed a deep understanding of the luxury holiday rental market. Our expertise allows us to effectively manage all aspects of your rental property, maximising your rental income and ensuring a seamless experience for guests.

Professionalism and Attention to Detail

Cotswold Water Park Retreats is known for its high level of professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Our commitment to excellence ensures that both property owners and guests receive outstanding customer service. We handle every aspect of property management with precision, from guest check-ins to property upkeep.

Commitment to Quality

We believe that maintaining the highest standards is crucial for a great guest experience. To ensure consistency, we established our own laundry, cleaning, and maintenance company. This initiative guarantees that your property is maintained to the highest standards, providing a pristine and welcoming environment for every guest.

Join Our Growing Portfolio

Our proven track record of increasing occupancy rates, bookings, and average nightly rates year after year speaks for itself. By partnering with Cotswold Water Park Retreats, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with professional management and the benefits of our flexible, guest-friendly policies.

Contact Us Today

Ready to maximize the potential of your property? Contact us today to learn more about our tailored property management services and how we can help you achieve your rental income goals.

Still need to be convinced? Lets answer your questions

How are payments handled?

We take care of all booking including finances and provide each owner with a detailed breakdown at the end of each moth. this is dependant upon the services that are commissioned from CWPR. Owners have direct access to our booking platform for their rentals.

Is there an option to have a mixed package deal?

All of our owners have different requirements, some prefer us to manage everything from start to finish whilst others want greater involvement. We will tailor our services according to the owners requirements including property availability. For example, some properties we manage are only available in the summer and Christmas holidays.

Do you manage all the maintenance with our property?

We provide a tailored service. Where we do not have the in house expertise, for example, plumbing and electrics, we will commission those services through our local relationships and pass on the costs directly to the owners. Otherwise we will agree a level of service with each owner and we are happy to adapt those services if circumstances change.

Is there a contract we have to sign?

Yes but it’s flexible in that we do not expect owners to provide us with a certain number of weeks. It basically documents the agreement that are both comfortable to work with and provides a guarantee for future guests.

Can someone contact us with some more details on these offers?

Of course. Please use the contact form for a no obligation discussion

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