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Cotswold Glamping

It has been the dream for a number of years by the owners, Jason and Heidi Sear and it finally began to be realised when they found their idyllic spot in Upper Minety. The site was previously an old caravan site with some communal areas built, mostly from the 60s, but was derelict. Hard work and tenacity has been the order of the day with the lodges all being designed and built by Jason utilising his previous experience of owning building companies.

Escape to Upper Minety

Glamping in the Cotswolds offers an extraordinary blend of luxury and nature. It provides a serene escape from the hustle of daily life. Nestled in the picturesque village of Upper Minety, our exclusive glamping site boasts four uniquely themed lodges: Badgers Sett, Foxes Den, Squirrels Drey, and the upcoming Rabbit Warren. Each lodge is designed to offer a lavish yet eco-friendly experience, harmoniously blending with the surrounding countryside.

Stargazer’s Paradise

Our site is a haven for star gazers. The minimal light pollution allows for spectacular night skies, perfect for romantic evenings or peaceful solitary reflection.

Warm and Inviting Communal Area

The communal area, a hub of warmth and camaraderie, features a rustic pizza oven and a cozy fire pit. It is ideal for socializing or simply enjoying the tranquil ambiance.

Immersive Experience

This bespoke glamping experience in the Cotswolds is not just a holiday; it’s an immersion into a world where luxury meets the untouched beauty of nature. It is an idyllic retreat for those seeking both comfort and adventure.

Reconnect with Nature

Upper Minety’s Glamping Experience invites you to rediscover the joys of nature without sacrificing comfort. Our small, exclusive site in the heart of the Cotswolds is an eco-conscious and pet-friendly retreat. It is ideal for those who wish to unwind in style.

Unique and Intimate Glamping Lodges

The lodges, named after the local wildlife, offer a unique and intimate connection with the surrounding flora and fauna. The upcoming addition , Rabbit Warren, alongside Badgers Sett, Foxes Den, and Squirrels Drey, promises a bespoke experience, harmonizing luxury with the rustic charm of the countryside.

Creating Shared Experiences

Our communal area is a testament to our commitment to creating shared experiences. It features a pizza oven and fire pit for memorable evenings under the stars.

Moments That Last a Lifetime

At our Cotswolds glamping site, we believe in creating moments that last a lifetime. Whether it’s gazing at the star-filled sky, enjoying the warmth of a fire, or exploring the scenic beauty of Upper Minety and the surrounding area, our site offers an unparalleled opportunity to indulge in the lavishness of nature.

Glamping with Hot Tubs

As if glamping wasn’t glamorous enough, all of our glamping pods at Upper Minety Cotswold Glamping have their own private hot tub!


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Stonehenge hardly needs a description, but you might not know it is just over an hour from our lodges and is certainly worth a visit if you have never seen it. The origins of Stonehenge remain a mystery, but Edward Rutherfurd’s book Sarumoffers a fascinating story about its construction and the stones being pulled all the way from Wales. Every time we drive along the A303 and catch a glimpse of Stonehenge above the treeline, it feels like a wonderful opportunity to spend a couple of hours reflecting on both the past and the present. To make the most of your visit, plan your time carefully as it can get busy. Fortunately, the queues have never been excessive during our visits, and while waiting, you can stand and marvel at the monument. Interestingly, despite being one of the most famous “henges” in the world, Stonehenge isn’t technically a true henge. A henge is defined as a prehistoric monument consisting of a circle of stone or wooden uprights with a ditch inside its bank. Stonehenge’s ditch, however, is outside the earthwork bank, making it an exception to the rule.

Malmesbury Abbey

Malmesbury Abbey: A Visitor’s Guide History Malmesbury Abbey, built in the 12th century, is a historical gem in the heart of Wiltshire. The Abbey has a rich history that dates back to the 7th century when a monk named Aldhelm established the first church on the site. Over the centuries, it has been a centre of learning, worship, and community life. The Abbey is particularly notable for its association with King Athelstan, the first king of all England, who is buried there​ (Abbey website)​​ (Britain Express)​. Architectural Highlights Visitors to Malmesbury Abbey can admire several architectural and historical features: Norman Porch: This stunning entrance illustrates the Christian salvation history and is one of the finest examples of Norman architecture in England. King Athelstan’s Tomb: Located within the Abbey, this is the final resting place of the first king of England. 15th Century Bible: An illuminated Bible from the 15th century, showcasing medieval artistry. Hannah Twynnoy’s Grave: A unique and poetic gravestone for a local barmaid famously killed by a tiger in 1703​(Britain Express)​​ (Abbey website)​. Why Visit? Guests might want to visit Malmesbury Abbey to explore its rich history and stunning architecture, participate in its vibrant community life, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this historical site. The Abbey’s central location in Malmesbury makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the town’s other attractions, such as the Athelstan Museum and the scenic River Avon. For more detailed information, you can visit the Abbey website.

Malmesbury Carnival ’24

The Malmesbury Carnival has been a popular community event for over 90 years. Initially started to foster community spirit, it has grown into a significant local festival, raising funds for various local causes and showcasing the town’s rich heritage. The carnival features a variety of activities, blending traditional and contemporary elements to create a vibrant celebration. There are events going on all the way through august, culminating with a grand parade on the 31st August! Schedule The Carnival spans several weeks in August, culminating in the grand Carnival Procession. Here are some of the key events: Carnival Revue: August 1-2, featuring songs and sketches by the Athelstan Players. Open Gardens: August 4, a rare opportunity to explore some of Malmesbury’s beautiful private gardens. Call My Wine Bluff: August 9, a fun and interactive wine tasting event. Fire Station Tour: August 10, offering a glimpse into the workings of the local fire station. Carnival Quiz: August 16, hosted by the Rose & Crown, testing your general knowledge. Petticoat Lane: August 18, a bustling market with a variety of stalls. Jazz Night: August 23, featuring live jazz performances in a café-style setting. Mythical Medieval Monsters Workshop: August 24-27, craft sessions for making carnival parade decorations. Music in the Cloisters: August 26, an evening of live music in the scenic Abbey Cloister Gardens. Carnival Procession: August 31, the highlight event with themed floats, costumes, and lively performances. For the complete schedule, visit the Malmesbury Carnival events page​ (Malmesbury Carnival & Festival)​​ (Malmesbury Carnival & Festival)​​ (Malmesbury Carnival & Festival)​. Why Attend? Malmesbury Carnival offers a unique mix of cultural, historical, and recreational activities. Visitors can enjoy everything from garden tours and historical talks to live music and interactive workshops. The carnival fosters a strong sense of community and supports local charities, making it a meaningful and enjoyable event for all ages. Whether you are a local or a visitor, Malmesbury Carnival provides a wonderful opportunity to engage with the town’s heritage, enjoy diverse entertainment, and contribute to local causes. The festival’s diverse range of activities ensures there’s something for everyone, making it a perfect summer outing for families, friends, and individuals alike. For more details, check out the official Malmesbury Carnival website​ (Visit Wiltshire)​.
Pubs and bars

The Eliot Arms

Location: Clarks Hay, South Cerney, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 5UA Distance: 2 miles from Cotswold Water Park Retreats Description: The Eliot Arms is a charming village pub located in South Cerney, Cirencester. This vibrant inn combines the cosy atmosphere of a traditional pub with modern comforts. Recently refurbished, it boasts a welcoming environment with snug areas, a spacious dining room, and a lively bar, making it an ideal spot for both locals and visitors. Specialties: The Eliot Arms is celebrated for its delicious, homemade British cuisine, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The menu features a variety of dishes including the popular Sunday roasts, succulent steaks, and seasonal specials. Guests can also enjoy a well-curated selection of wines, ales, and craft beers. Features: Historical Charm: Enjoy the authentic charm of a traditional Cotswold pub with modern touches. Outdoor Seating: Relax in the pub’s garden area during warmer months. Family-Friendly: Offers a children’s menu and a welcoming atmosphere suitable for families. Dog-Friendly: Dogs are welcome in designated areas, ensuring a pleasant visit for pet owners. Events: Hosts a variety of events including quiz nights and special dining experiences. Customer Reviews: “A fantastic pub with great food and a wonderful atmosphere. The staff are friendly and attentive, making every visit a pleasure.” Website: The Eliot Arms Website Google Reviews: To read reviews, search for “The Eliot Arms South Cerney” on Google Maps and click on the reviews section.

South Cerney Outdoor

For guests seeking adventure on the water, South Cerney Outdoor offers an exhilarating range of activities in the heart of Cotswold Water Park. From kayaking and SUP to sailing and more, this centre provides an ideal setting for both novices and seasoned enthusiasts to dive into water sports. With a focus on safety and fun, every visitor is set to have a memorable experience on the lake, under the guidance of expert instructors. For more information, visit their website at South Cerney Outdoor. You can either launch your own craft (need to book and pay) or hire directly from the centre. You will also find the Sky Line Aerial Adventure at this location as well – climb to the top and get a fantastic view over Little Horseshoe Lake which is just across a narrow lane. They also do great coffee and cake at their coffee shop at the Lodge and a small cafe serves great street food to either eat in or take away. Great day out.

Lake 32 Outdoor Centre

Practice your survival skills in the Cotswolds with a bushcraft course or fancy open water swimming whilst you are visiting us? Head on down to Lake 32 next to the Cotswold Country Park and Beach for some great adventures! You can take lessons in all the sports they offer or use your own equipment on the lake. Lake 32 operate the sports of Windsurfing, Sailing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Archery, Raft building, Problem solving, Bush Craft & Survival Skills and Low Ropes. Waterland operate a very successful Triathlon Group and you can swim in the lake before 10am seven days a week. So much to do at Lake 32 pop along and enjoy the great outdoors! They often have events planned so always worth checking out their website for details. PS You can walk around the whole of the lake (or run!) – grab your wristband from the cafe before you head out  
Pubs and bars

La Bobina

La Bobina is one of our local favourites and we planned to keep visiting until we’d tried the whole menu but they keep changing it! La Bobina; the buzzing Spanish Tapas & Wine Bar located in the beautiful Black Jack Street in Cirencester. Bringing you a taste of the Spanish tapas bar culture to the Cotswolds. Eating and Drinking in a social and lively atmosphere; for couples in corners or large groups, enjoying and sharing tapas. Using the very best fresh ingredients, our chefs create and produce the best tapas outside of Spain. The menu is seasonal with weekly changing specials. Visit us, taste our tapas, try our Spanish Wines, enjoy a gin or two, a fresh cold Spanish Beer, listen to some funky music – you won’t be disappointed. Come and share our little piece of Spain in Cirencester.

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