Welcome to our curated collection of holiday homes in the Cotswolds, where the concept of “collection” takes on a unique and meaningful dimension. Unlike a mere assortment of properties, our collections are thoughtfully grouped to enhance your holiday experience, providing options that cater to various tastes, interests, and party sizes.

The Meaning of Collection in Our Holiday Homes

A collection, in our terms, goes beyond just a cluster of houses. It represents a harmonious assembly of properties that share common themes or features, designed to offer a cohesive and versatile experience for our guests. Each collection is meticulously selected to cater to different needs, whether it’s the serene lakeside charm, the adventurous spirit of glamping, or the luxurious feel of modern Scandinavian design.

Enhancing Guest Experience

The primary advantage of our collections is the ability to provide flexible and versatile accommodation solutions. For instance, if you’re planning a family reunion, having multiple homes within close proximity allows everyone to stay nearby while enjoying their own private space. This is particularly beneficial for larger groups who wish to be close yet have the comfort of their individual retreats.

Examples of Our Collections

  • Little Horseshoe Lake Collection: Featuring homes like Waterlily, Island, Willow, Boathouse, and Pond, this collection is perfect for fishing enthusiasts or romantics alike! The properties are designed to maximise the tranquil lake views and provide easy access to the two lakes.
  • Glamping Collection: Including Badgers Sett, Squirrels Drey, and Foxes Den, this collection offers a unique blend of outdoor adventure and luxury. These properties are ideal for those looking to immerse themselves in nature without sacrificing comfort.
  • Yellowstone Collection: With properties like Aintree, York, Cheltenham, and Ascot, this group epitomises luxury and elegance. These homes are perfect for guests seeking homes with spacious interiors and modern amenities. Homes are ideal for that fishing or golfing trip or working away or even family groups looking for a base to explore our beautiful area
  • Waters Edge Collection: Waters Edge is where we started and as such we have around 15 properties on this lake, many either next door to each other or just across the way. Combinations of these can be used to support large family groups or wedding parties knowing that you have your privacy as well as shared space.
  • Scandinavian-Inspired Collection: Serendipity, At Waters Edge, and Maricor are examples of our modern, indulgent design homes. These properties provide a sleek, contemporary atmosphere perfect for those who appreciate clean lines and natural light.

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the significant benefits of our collections is the flexibility they offer. If a particular home is unavailable, you can easily find a similar property within the same collection, ensuring your plans remain intact. This flexibility is especially valuable for guests with specific needs or preferences, allowing them to enjoy a consistent experience across different properties.

Tailored for Special Interests

Our collections also cater to special interests and activities. For instance, if you’re interested in fishing or kayaking, the Little Horseshoe Lake Collection offers ideal options. Similarly, for those looking for a unique and comfortable camping experience, our Glamping Collection provides the perfect solution.


Choosing a home from our collections means more than just selecting a place to stay. It means choosing an experience tailored to your interests, needs, and the nature of your gathering. Whether you’re seeking tranquility, adventure, luxury, or modern comfort, our collections ensure that you find a home that enhances your stay and creates lasting memories. Explore our diverse range of collections and discover the perfect backdrop for your Cotswolds getaway.

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