13th Mar 24

Cotswold Holiday Lodges With Hot Tubs

A glorious lakeside view. The beautiful Cotswolds on your doorstep. A hot tub to enjoy in the long summer evenings. Our lakeside holiday homes with hot tubs in the Cotswolds could be ideal for your trip away.

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Luxury Cottage in a Timeless Village

Nestled amidst the rolling hills and picturesque villages of England's Cotswolds region lies a legacy etched in stone, a testament to the skill and artistry of generations of stonemasons. These master craftsmen have played a pivotal role in shaping the Cotswolds' distinctive architecture, their handiwork evident in the honey-colored cottages, grand manor houses, and intricate dry stone walls that characterize the landscape. Their expertise extended beyond mere construction, as they transformed raw stone into works of art, adorning buildings with intricate carvings, ornate window surrounds, and imposing fireplaces. These decorative elements not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of Cotswolds architecture but also reflected the region's prosperity and cultural heritage. Read the full article to discover more about the enduring legacy of stonemasons in the Cotswolds.

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Sustainable Luxury Retreats in Cotswold Water Park – Canan’la İngİltere Blogspot

We were visited recently at one of our homes on Little Horseshoe lake by Canan, a travel blogger who wrote a lovely blog for her visit to our lovely part of the world. Canan actually stopped at our sister site, Little Horseshoe Lake

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25th Jun 23

Cotswold Luxury Holiday Homes for Adults – Little Horseshoe Lake

Little Horseshoe Lake offers a truly unique Cotswold experience. This sustainable, adults-only retreat is a haven immersed in nature, where modern eco-design meets traditional craftsmanship.

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Tranquil Little Horseshoe Lake

Little Horseshoe Lake is a Cotswold destination like no other – a sustainable, adults-only retreat immersed in nature where contemporary eco-design is fused with traditional craftsmanship. The five architect-designed luxury holiday homes that comprise this 55-acre private eco-estate in Gloucestershire are current and cool. Each is an open-plan space of light and air, beautifully furnished in sophisticated simplicity. Floor-to-ceiling windows heighten the feeling of being one with the great outdoors, and the private decks guarantee that guests discover the joys of birdsong at dawn and sensational star gazing at night.

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