Kayaking in The Cotswolds

When it comes to canoeing and kayaking in the Cotswolds and the surrounding areas, there are several fantastic locations to explore. Here are five of the best places for canoeing and kayaking, including South Cerney:

Cotswold Water Park: Located near South Cerney, the Cotswold Water Park is a sprawling area comprising over 150 lakes, making it an ideal destination for water sports. With numerous launch points and calm waters, you can enjoy canoeing or kayaking at your own pace while taking in scenic surroundings. The water park also offers equipment rental and guided tours for those seeking a guided experience. Check the Water Parks page for details – their page is always up to date.

River Thames: The River Thames runs through the Cotswolds, providing a picturesque setting for canoeing and kayaking. You can explore river sections around Lechlade and downstream, where you’ll encounter peaceful stretches of water and charming riverside towns. The Thames Path provides access points and information on routes, allowing you to plan your adventure accordingly.

River Avon: The River Avon, flowing through the nearby city of Bath, offers another opportunity for canoeing and kayaking. This river meanders through beautiful countryside, and you can paddle along its tranquil waters, passing under historic bridges and enjoying the sights of the surrounding landscape. Canoe and kayak rental services are available in Bath for easy access to the river.

River Wye: Although slightly further afield, the River Wye, located on the border between England and Wales, is worth mentioning for its stunning scenery and excellent canoeing and kayaking opportunities. The river flows through the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, offering breathtaking cliffs, woodlands, and wildlife views. There are various launch points and rental options available along the river.

Sharpness Canal: If you’re interested in a more relaxed and leisurely paddle, the Sharpness Canal provides a calm and peaceful environment for canoeing and kayaking. This man-made canal stretches from Sharpness to Gloucester and offers a unique perspective on the Cotswolds’ waterways. You can enjoy a tranquil journey, observing the countryside and historic canal features along the way.

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