Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in the Cotswolds and specifically around Cirencester can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. The region offers a mix of scenic trails, challenging terrains, and picturesque landscapes. Here are some great mountain biking experiences in the Cotswolds and Cirencester:

Cotswold Country Park and Beach: Located near South Cerney, the Cotswold Country Park and Beach offers a network of well-maintained mountain bike trails suitable for riders of varying skill levels. The park features a mix of off-road trails, woodland paths, and lakeside tracks, allowing you to enjoy a diverse range of terrains. Additionally, the park’s idyllic setting adds to the overall experience.

Cirencester Park: Cirencester Park, situated in the heart of the town, provides a picturesque backdrop for mountain biking. The park offers a variety of trails, including both surfaced and off-road routes, allowing you to explore its beautiful woodlands and parkland areas. The trails cater to different abilities, making it suitable for both beginners and more experienced riders.

The Ridgeway: The Ridgeway, an ancient trail that stretches over 85 miles (137 kilometers) from Wiltshire to Buckinghamshire, passes through the Cotswolds, offering mountain bikers a chance to experience some of its scenic sections. Riding parts of the Ridgeway provides stunning views of the surrounding countryside and a sense of history as you follow in the footsteps of those who have traversed the trail for centuries.

Forest of Dean: Although not in the immediate vicinity of Cirencester, the Forest of Dean is within a reasonable distance and offers an excellent mountain biking destination. With its extensive network of trails, including the famous Verderers’ Trail and Freeminers’ Trail, the forest provides exhilarating rides through ancient woodlands, challenging descents, and thrilling singletrack sections.

Bredon Hill: Bredon Hill, located near Tewkesbury, is another fantastic mountain biking spot in the Cotswolds. It offers a range of trails suitable for different abilities, including bridleways and tracks that wind through the hill’s picturesque landscape. The panoramic views from the hilltop make the ride even more rewarding.


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Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

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