Electric Bikes

Many of our guests visit the area for the cycling opportunities it affords and is both popular for road and off road adventures. Cotswoldetours offers something slightly different – the opportunity to try out a different path to one that they would normally follow and the benefit of an electric cycle where you might at least have the opportunity to catch your breath!

They offer a couple of rides – short and long and you can actually use your own ebike and have the normal price discounted.

All rides start at Farmwood farm at Stroud, about 30 minutes by car from our homes in the water park. Riders go in groups of 6 or less or you can make up your own group for the ride.

Cotswoldetours believe that their unique selling point is offering a guide for the trip out which has the benefit of having intimate knowledge of the area they are riding through – they take responsibility for leading the group so everybody else can relax and enjoy the trip.


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Electric Bikes


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