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Tetbury is a historic market town renowned for its Georgian architecture, vibrant antique shops, and rich cultural heritage. Famous as the home of the Highgrove Estate, the private residence of King Charles III, Tetbury offers visitors a picturesque blend of history and modern-day attractions.


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History of Tetbury

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The History of Tetbury

Tetbury, a charming town in the Cotswolds, boasts picturesque scenery and a rich history that spans over a thousand years. Located in Gloucestershire, England, this town evolved from a humble settlement into a thriving market town with a unique character.

Early History

Tetbury originated during the Anglo-Saxon period as an important hill fort. The town’s name likely comes from “Theot,” a local tribe, and “burh,” meaning fort. By the 7th century, Tetbury had grown into a significant center of trade and commerce, thanks to its strategic location.

Medieval Era

In the 12th century, Tetbury received a royal charter, allowing it to hold weekly markets and annual fairs. This period marked significant growth as the town became a bustling market hub. The wool trade flourished, with Tetbury benefiting from the high-quality wool of Cotswold sheep. Consequently, it became a pivotal player in the medieval wool industry.

One of Tetbury’s most iconic landmarks, the Market House, was built in 1655. This historic building, which continues to serve as a central point for community gatherings and events, stands as a testament to the town’s vibrant market history.


Georgian and Victorian Periods

During the Georgian and Victorian eras, Tetbury underwent substantial development. Many of the town’s buildings reflect the architectural styles of these periods, with elegant townhouses and charming cottages lining the streets. The 18th and 19th centuries brought about improved infrastructure, including the construction of roads and the introduction of the railway. This development further enhanced the towns connectivity and growth.

Modern Tetbury

In recent years, Tetbury has maintained its historic charm while adapting to modern times. Today, it is a popular destination for tourists seeking the quintessential English countryside experience. The town is known for its antique shops, independent boutiques, and vibrant arts and crafts scene. Notably, Tetbury is home to the Highgrove Estate, the private residence of King Charles III, which attracts numerous visitors each year.

Cultural Heritage

Tetbury’s rich cultural heritage is celebrated through various local traditions and events. For instance, the annual Woolsack Races, held on the late May bank holiday, is a unique and entertaining event where participants race up and down Gumstool Hill carrying a heavy sack of wool. This tradition, which highlights the town’s wool trade history, showcases the community’s spirited and competitive nature.


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