An Unexpected Discovery – Cotswold Water Park

A Serendipitous Detour to Cotswold Water Park. Like many, we stumbled upon Cotswold Water Park by accident. While driving to Cornwall, a sign near junction 11a on the M5, pointing towards Cirencester, caught our eye, advertising the Water Park. At that time, we imagined a typical water park with slides and wave pools but we couldn’t have been more wrong.

Back then, we both worked for the NHS, juggling a young family and a hectic social life and yet, we always remained curious about the Water Park.

First Impressions and Return Visits

From a Groupon Getaway to Owning a Lakeside Home. A few years later, we enjoyed a Groupon (remember them) getaway at what was then the Four Pillars Hotel, now the De Vere Hotel. Whilst staying there, we took a quick jaunt across the road to Windrush and Isis Lakes and we were amazed! The lakeside homes, with their turret-styled New England architecture, seemed very exotic. Although we explored the other end of the lakes, the area around Waters Edge, Summer Lake, Spring Lake, and South Cerney Outdoor (Lake 12) felt like we belonged. Like bad pennies, we returned whenever we could, always finding something new to see or do.

Growing Roots in Cotswold

Evolving from Visitors to Residents. As I (Barry) neared retirement from the NHS, we took a bold step. We bought our first holiday home on Windrush Lake and later moved to Waters Edge Lake. More than two decades after our first encounter, this place feels more like home than anywhere else we’ve lived. Although we travelled the world for 12 months as part of our retirement, no place matched the sense of belonging we found here.

From Residents to Business Owners. Our business began on Windrush Lake, starting with marketing our beautiful turret-style home. We were clear about our preferences and worked hard to ensure our home offered the best for our guests. Nearly ten years later, our business has expanded significantly and we now represent many lakeside property owners. We also work with homeowners in South Cerney, Upper Minety, and Malmesbury.

Additionally, we opened a commercial laundry and cleaning service in Cricklade to support our growing business.

The Allure of Cotswold Water Park

Living in Harmony with Nature. What’s the draw? It’s a place where nature and humans exist in perfect harmony. We love living here, where people flock for a break. The area’s plethora of activities, cafes, bars, and restaurants is astounding. Clearly, we are not alone in thinking this is a great place to live and work!

The Historical Shift of Cotswolds Water Park

From Gravel Extraction to Nature’s Haven. It began about 50 years ago with gravel extraction, long before the term “water park” suggested slides and splash pools. In order to get the gravel they have to keep pumping out the water due to the high levels of the water table. Once they have finished with a gravel pit it gets lined, pumps are switched off and fills naturally. Not quite sure how but many of the lakes are connected via monk weirs, streams and underground channels so in spite of the rain we don’t get too much flooding!

There is a local movement to rename it Cotswold Lakes, a name that truly reflects the area’s essence which we proudly support. With over 180 lakes and more forming as gravel extraction gives way to nature, this initiative aims to attract more visitors.

For more details, visit the official website.

Preserving Natural Beauty

Recognised Beauty and Biodiversity. Did you know the Cotswolds is an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB)? Within the Water Park, 177 lakes are are now recognised as sites of special scientific interest (SSSI). This region is a haven for businesses, tourists, locals, and wildlife. Over 20,000 winter birds make it their home, and it reportedly hosts every species of UK bat (still need to check that one out!). For us, watching bats dart under our deck at dusk, lamenting otters with our carp fishing friends, and spotting roe deer grazing nearby enrich our lives daily.

Culinary and Recreational Delights

From Fine Dining to Diverse Activities. Living in Cotswold Water Park offers access to exceptional local cuisine. Whether enjoying a hearty breakfast at the Braii Deli in South Cerney or lunch at the vibrant brasserie on Spring Lake, there are no wrong choices here. Ashas at the Crown in Cerney Wick is notable for its innovative dishes that blend tradition with modern techniques. Our favourite remains the Waterside Kitchen on Wickwater Lane – perfect every time.

Check out our experiences page for more information

Embracing the Great Outdoors

A Hub for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Pet Lovers. Cotswold Water Park is more than a tranquil retreat; it’s a centre for varied activities. Whether you enjoy water sports, archery, or golf, there’s something for everyone. Families love the pet-friendly options. Exploring the area with a furry friend, especially in Wickwater Woods near Waters Edge, is perfect for a bit of freedom.

In short, Cotswold Water Park is not just a place; it’s a community, an adventure, and for us, it’s home.