Cotswold Summer Closing Party

Once again our cotswold summer closing party followed on from another busy Friday changeover which we balanced with getting our staff barbecue ready for the evening.

Our first event though was to the amazing Giffords Circus who are normally in Cirencester this time of the year and we were all blown away by the show. The production, titled “Les Enfants du Paradis”, was a visually stunning and heartwarming celebration of the power of the human spirit.

The show opened with a breathtaking aerial act by the Luna Girls, who performed a synchronized routine on hoop suspended high above the audience. This was followed by a foot juggling and acrobatic act by Romy and Alex Michael, who were both incredibly talented and skilled.

One of the highlights of the show was the performance by Amanda Sandow and her liberty ponies. She has a special bond with her ponies, and it was clear to see how much they loved performing for the audience. They were incredibly graceful and agile, and their routine was both funny and cute!

The final act of the show was by the Ethio-selam Troupe, a group of Ethiopian acrobats who performed on the double Chinese pole. This was a truly awe-inspiring act, and the troupe’s athleticism and coordination were incredible to behold.

In addition to the amazing performances, the show was also beautifully set and costumed. The circus tent was decorated with stunning chandeliers and bunting, and the performers wore costumes that were both elegant and eye-catching.

The overall experience of watching “Les Enfants du Paradis” was truly magical. It was a show that will stay with me for a long time to come. I highly recommend seeing it if you have the opportunity.

Of course Tweedy the Clown was the glue that held the show together but looks like this may be the last opportunity to see him as he has announced he’s standing down in ‘24.

Onto the barbecue and Saul, CWPRs handyman, showed his versatility over the flames as his burgers proved to be very popular!

As we always say we are so grateful to our team – we’ve had another great year and its down to the people that prepare the lodges for our lovely guests – our standards get higher and higher and we continue to challenge ourselves to make our homes even better!

Next year will be even bigger – look now at our properties for your booking in summer 2024