Giffords Circus

Who doesn’t like the circus! Cotswold Water Park Retreats are pleased to say that for the second year our staff outing will be to Giffords Circus whilst it is visiting Cirencester. We had such a great time in 2022 and 2023 and can’t wait for them to come back to Cirencester in 24. The ’24 season has started at their home at Fennels Farm in Stroud before moving on with their tour of The Cotswolds. Check out their website for details

“Our costumes are handmade, our animals are trained by us, our sets are painted in the barns on our farm. We burn the midnight oil to conjure new visions for the show. It’s all we do. Circus is our job, our life, our love.” Nell Gifford

Giffords Circus is a magical village green circus that tours England from the first days of spring to the first glimpse of winter. It’s our hymn to homemade fun, excess and benign disruption. We want our show to move something in you, and to take just a little while to recover from. We want it, wish it and mean it with all of our hearts, because it is everything we believe about life and art and love.

Because as Nell would say “Art is Love”.

Giffords Circus is what we would all like to find if we were driving along a road, a glimpse of the tent with the words ‘Giffords Circus’ shining from the top, appearing mysteriously where it wasn’t the day before and might not be tomorrow. It is the intrigue that we would stop for and it is what we would make a pilgrimage for. It is how we travel back to our childhood and how we move forwards surrounded by music, loved ones and laughter. We wear our best clothes, and wellies and run away to the circus.


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Giffords Circus

Giffords Circus

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