Corinium Museum

The Corinium Museum, nestled in the heart of Cirencester, the ‘Capital of the Cotswolds,’ is a gateway to the rich and intricate history of Roman Britain. It stands on the site of what was once one of the largest Roman towns in England, offering a captivating glimpse into ancient life through its remarkable collection of Roman artifacts.

From intricate mosaics and exquisite jewelry to well-preserved Roman villas, the museum brings the past to life through interactive exhibits and educational programs. It not only highlights Cirencester’s Roman heritage but also traces the area’s history from the Stone Age through to the modern period. A visit here promises an enriching experience for history buffs, families, and anyone keen to explore the layers of time that make up the Cotswolds’ unique character.

Remember to visit the Roman amphitheatre off Cotswold Avenue in Cirencester which is listed as an ancient monument and also the Roman Villa at Chedworth, the largest such find in the UK.


Corinium Museum

Corinium Museum

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